Maurits Boettger

One out of the 25 art columns showing 360° Stillstand
360° Stillstand, Posters on advertising columns, 2020
The installation freezes time locally on 25 advertising columns in cologne by wrapping them in posters of the immediate surroundings.
The flag
Way to Warmth, Installation, 2019
A flag that indicates the spatial and temporal temperature gradients.
The Music Box and the Artist in Cologne
Spieluhr, Instrument, 2019
An instrument for the playful manufacturing of time. Video
With Heart and Hand
With Heart and Hand, Video, 2019
Video from a camera focused on a clock. My pulse shakes the camera, thus creating a correlation between the image and the second hand of the watch.
Nothing like time
Nothing but time, Performance, 2018
Time Sales Ltd. deals with time as an ephemeral art piece., the most ephemeral product ever. After specifiying amount and purpose, the customer sets the price he will pay for his time. Video
Real Time Delay
Real Time Delay, Intervention, 2018
We hear two versions of the opening speech for an exhibition. One version comes directly from the orator, while another is reproduced with increasing delay via loudspeakers. At the beginning the speech is still intelligible, but as the delay increases over time, sounds overlap and it becomes more difficult to understand.
Foreign Time
Foreign Time, Installation, 2018
The pulse of a human being, transferred to a room. Acoustic and haptic stimuli enable the synchronization of your heartbeat with that of the absent subject.
Girasol, Apparatus, 2017
A sundial which, by always pointing towards the sun and never throwing any shadow on the dial, refuses to mark the passage of time. Diploma Thesis
Metrotom, Apparatus, 2017
A chaotic pendulum attached to a metronome, thus disturbing the regular rhythm of the metronome and creating slight but unpredictable variances. Documentation
Kontraktion und Dilatation in Herz und Raum
Contraction and Dilation in Heart and Space, Still Image Animation, 2017
A 10 second still image animation loop underlaid with the sound of my heartbeat.
Sanduhr (beschleunigt)
Hourglass (accelerated), Video loop, 2017
A 0.56 second video loop of a person in a desert swinging an hourglass on a string.
Watch, Apparatus, 2017
A Clock that stops progressing in time as soon as you look at it. When you turn away, the display updates the time once again. Documentation
Coincidence (on the flip of a coin)
Coincidence on the flip of a coin, Video loop, 2016
Flipping a coin, and following its directions in a place without landmarks or points of orientation. Heads = to the right, Tails = to the left.
Tigers of the Past
Tigers of the Past, Film, 2016
A short film on projection, anticipation, memory, past, and future. Watch Film
Audiotekt, Android Application, 2016
An Android Application that generates a remix from ambient noise based on the movement of the smartphone. Download
VThcierflih, 7 Videos, 2016
Tutorials from Youtube. Sound played forwards - Images played backwards. Singleshot. Playlist
Luftpfützengesichter Luftpfützengesichter, Installation, 2015
A concave mirror in combination with a telescope enables the spectator to see himself in a mirage Video
La Espera The Wait, Film, 2015
11 Minutes and 49 Seconds
A video essay about waiting time in Germany and Colombia. Watch Film
La Espera
La Espera, 7 Drawings, 2014
The long lines of waiting people in Colombia inspired the series La Espera. Drops of ink, running across the page pulled by gravity, drew the figures. The paper was then rotated 180 degrees.
Strange Loops
Strange Loops, Video, 2013
Inspired by Douglas R. Hofstadter's description of the strange loops, I attached a camera to a motor and brought it to 25 revolutions per second, thus matching the image frequency of the camera.