Maurits Boettger


The central topic of my work is time, which for me is both content and medium. In my mostly conceptual work, I approach the subject from a variety of perspectives: Sometimes economically, for example through the sale of time. Sometimes sensually by changing the perception of time through the synchronization of the pulse with other people. Sometimes in denial of progress by waiting or cracking sunflower seeds and currently especially in researching the temporality and finiteness of the resulting works. I am driven by the question of my responsibility towards the world and posterity, which arises through my (artistic) interventions.

*01990 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Currently based in Cologne
02012-02017 Studies at Academy of Media Arts Cologne
02014 Studies at Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Solo Exhibition

June 02022     Jutro, DOM UTOPII International Empathy Center, Kraków
Dec. 02020    TICKS, MMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach

Group Exhibition

July 02022      XXII CERVEIRA INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNIAL, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
Nov. 02021     Augenblicke, Zeit in der Kunst, Museum Wittelsbacher Schloss, Friedberg
Juli 02021       +1², KUNSTWERK Köln e.V.
Juli 02021       Ein Impuls, Subway Ebertplatz, Cologne
Juni 02021      Videofenster Ehrenfeld, Cologne
Oct. 02020     TRAP, Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Sep. 02020     Aufsetzen, M20, Alte Feuerwache Cologne
Feb. 02020    +1, Niehler Freiheit e.V., Cologne
Sep. 02018     Urgent Perspectives #2, PARALLEL VIENNA
July 02018     The Long Now, me Collectors Room Berlin
Mar. 02018     The Long Now, Kunstverein Bochum
Mar. 02018     The Long Now, Museum Goch
Jan. 02017      Appdate, Neuwerk Konstanz
Nov. 02016     Studionight #2, City Center Studio, Cologne
Feb. 02015     Cómo, Los Funambulos, Bogotá
April 02014     Kunsthoch46, raumLABOR, Braunschweig
Dec. 02013     Let’s make a Campfire, Cologne
June 02013     A, Jack in the Box, Cologne

Scholarships and Residencies

July 02022       INITIAL 2, Akademie der Künste
June 02022      Residency @ DOM UTOPII International Empathy Center, Kraków
Mai. 02022       Stipend by Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn
Okt. 02021      INITIAL, Akademie der Künste
Okt. 02021      Modul C, BBK
Oct. 02019      bi-PARADISE Virtual Residency, Matsudo, Japan
Jan. 02019      Scholarship for highly talented artists of the Ministry of Culture and Science North Rhine Westphalia
July 02018      Artist-in-Residence at KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna
Aug. 02014     DAAD-Scholarship for studies at Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Sept. 02021    TCI #4, Thessaloniki
Oct. 02020     Performance Garten 7, Cologne
April 02018     European Media Art Festival No 31, Osnabrück
Oct. 02017      Generate, Shedhalle Tübingen
Nov. 02016     Midbo, Bogotá
Nov. 02013     extra, experimental trails, Leipzig